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Citizen Connect


Citizen Connect is a website aimed at educating Kentuckians as they seek job and work participation opportunities and​ manage their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit requirements. When accessing the website, you can track your Workforce Services Progress, monthly activity goal for SNAP Employment and Training (E&T), view upcoming appointment details and access an overview of your SNAP benefits.​

How Can Citizen Connect Help You?
Citizen Connect makes it easy for you to complete SNAP related work participation requirements and apply for Workforce Services online without having to go to a Kentucky Career Center. By using Citizen Connect, you can complete the following activities 24/7 from home, a library or any location with internet access.

• Submit application to find eligibility for Workforce Services
• Enroll in local workshops, orientation programs or tool tests sessions
• Report job applications
• Report SNAP E&T activities
• Report Work Experience Program (WEP) participation
• Report Vocational Training Participation

Easy access & reporting on Citizen Connect helps you complete important steps quickly and easily.

Who Is Citizen Connect For?
Citizen Connect is available to all Kentuckians. Please follow the recommended paths to access Citizen Connect.

• If you are looking for SNAP and Medicaid benefits, you must first create an account in benefind.
• If you are seeking employment and are looking for assistance with finding career services, you must register an account in Citizen Connect first using the link at the top right corner.