State Rehabilitation Council

The council is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and advising the Kentucky Office for the Blind (OFB) regarding its performance on such issues as eligibility, services provided to consumers, and any other functions affecting people with blindness or visual impairments. If you are interested in becoming a member, please go to the Membership Information page or feel free to contact for more information on becoming a State Rehabilitation Council member.
The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) was first authorized by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended in 1998 (referred to hereafter as the Act). Section 105 of the Act requires the state vocational rehabilitation agency to establish a council.  Council members are appointed by the governor and serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms. As required by the Act, the council is represented by the following:
•  Statewide Independent Living Council representative (1)
•  National Industries for the Blind affiliate (LC Industries)    representative (1)
•  Parent Training and Information Center representative (1)
•  Client Assistance Program representative (1)
•  An OFB Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (1, Ex-Officio)
•  Community Rehabilitation Program Service Providers representative (1)
•  Business, industry and labor representatives (4)
•  Representative of those with disabilities who have difficulty representing themselves or unable to represent themselves due to their disabilities (1)
•  Bluegrass Council of the Blind representatives (2)
•  Kentucky Council of the Blind (KCB) representatives (2)
•  National Federation of the Blind of KY (NFB) representatives (2)
•  Kentucky licensed blind vendors representative (1)
•  Department of Education, the state agency responsible for the Individuals with Disabilities Act representative (1)
•  Kentucky Workforce Investment Board representative (1)
•  Current or former applicants for, or recipients of, vocational rehabilitation services (2)
•  Members at Large representatives (2)