Project CASE Overview

 Creating Access to Successful Employment

Manufacturing, Healthcare and Information Technology are three promising Career Pathways for Kentuckians seeking training and employment in jobs that are in-demand, pay family-sustaining wages, and have opportunities for advancement.  

Project CASE was created to increase the numbers of individuals with disabilities who are training and working in these fields by finding and/or developing flexible and innovative training and postsecondary approaches to skill attainment. Project CASE’s six Career Pathway Coordinators will increase the capacity of Kentucky’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Office for the Blind in reaching employers who can provide work experiences such as job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships and, ultimately, job placement in these pathways.  

Through Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) grant funding, Project CASE will provide direct services to eligible individuals in the 7 counties of Metro Louisville (KentuckianaWorks) and 23 counties in Eastern Kentucky (Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program- EKCEP).    

Grant funding provided through the Rehabilitation Services Administration, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Department of Education:  Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities (CFDA # 84.235N)​  

Contact Information: 

For more information about Project CASE, please contact Helga Gilbert.

Project CASE Coordinator, Helga Gilbert. 

Project CASE Coordinator, Helga Gilbert
8412 Westport Rd.
Louisville, KY 40242
(502) 782-3413​

Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities (CPID) Model Demonstrations​  PDF​

Career Clusters:

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