Charles W. McDowell Rehabilitation Center

Boot Camp

Employment support for blind and visually impaired Vocational Rehabilitation consumers. ​
Boot Camp is an intensive three week program providing employability skills needed to independently obtain employment. The program is offered several times a year at the Charles W. McDowell Center.

To qualify for Boot Camp, candidates are currently working with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and have a written Individualized Plan for Employment. They can travel independently in a variety of areas, are able to give and get information, able to access computers, and have the appropriate behavior and soft skills expected on the job, such as punctuality, dependability and endurance. Must be able to attend every day of the three week program, be on time and participate fully in all training sessions.

The Action Plan is the heart of the program providing next steps and milestone to be accomplished. Each Action Plan is individualized for the consumer so they may meet their goals in the shortest time possible.

The Action Plan becomes the consumer's blueprint for finding and obtaining competitive employment in their home community.
 Boot Camp staff provide bi-weekly tactical support to keep the Action Plan on track.
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Proofreading
  • Administration
  • Food Service


Contact Information:

Kirsten Schmidt
Charles W. McDowell Center
8412 Westport Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40242
Phone: 502-429-4460
Fax: 502-429-7101

 Boot Camp Brochure        

Boot Camp Brochure in Audio format

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