Resources and Publications

Resources and Publications

This Kentucky Blind and Deaf Blind Resource Directory was created by the Kentucky State Rehabilitation Council Special Project Committee in conjunction with Office for the Blind staff. Alternate formats of this manual are available upon request. To learn more about these resources, click on the appropriate link below.

Resource Guides

 Resource Directory for Blind and Visually Impaired and Deaf Blind

 Comparable Benefits Resource Guide


       2015 State Plan

 Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Annual Reports

2017 OFB Annual Report

2017 OFB Annual Report - Text Only

2016 OFB Annual Report

2016 OFB Annual Report - Text

Strategic Plan

 2008-11 Strategic Plan

Consumer Handbooks

Consumer Handbook.docx

Consumer Handbook - Large Print.docx

 Consumer Handbook in Spanish

 Transition Handbook

Program Manuals

 Independent Living Service

 Older Blind Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual

 Bioptic Driving Program

 Kentucky Business Enterprises Rules and Regulations