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Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services is a rehabilitation program administered by the Kentucky Office for the Blind. We work with people who are having trouble with daily living skills. Our program is designed to provide a broad range of individualized services enabling people with vision impairments to achieve their maximum level of independence within their homes and communities.
The Older Individuals Who Are Blind Program, expands independent living to persons age 55 and older. Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to learn skills that will allow them to remain as independent as they want to be.
Training is offered to help people with vision impairments learn adaptive daily living skills. This training focuses on many important activities which include, but are not limited to:
  • Communication skills such as writing and using a telephone;
  • Daily living skills including time telling and home management skills;
  • Use of tactile markings; and
  • Assessment and use of low-vision devices.

 We begin by conducting an individualized needs assessment. Together with the individual, we look at the blindness-related problems and work toward solutions that will help the person achieve greater independence in the home, community and/or workplace. Instruction is given in the use of adaptive techniques enabling the person to continue doing many of the things they were doing in the past or to learn new skills. Services are free and can be provided in the person’s home, our offices, or other locations the person may prefer.

We value self-determination, the Independent Living and Older Individuals Who Are Blind programs share a goal of encouraging individuals to learn skills that will allow them to achieve their desired level of independence.