Consumer Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Office for the Blind provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with a significant visual disability that limits their independence and/or ability to enter the workforce. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals in preparing for, entering into or retaining employment.


 Based on individual needs and informed choice, eligible individuals seeking employment may receive the following types of services:
  • Assessment to determine eligibility and needs
  • Vocational Guidance and Counseling
  • Job Development
  • Job Placement Services
  • Assistive Technology services and devices
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Work Experience
  • Bioptic Driving
  • Other support services
Each participant's program is individually tailored to assure that the services necessary to achieve his/her employment goals are provided. When an individual applies for services, an application form is completed, and an intake interview occurs. During intake, the medical, social, financial, educational and vocational experiences of the individual are discussed. This assures that services are specific to the identified rehabilitation needs and consistent with their individual strengths, abilities and interests. The individual and his/her vocational rehabilitation counselor will work together to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment that identifies the needed services to enable them to reach his/her employment goal.

 The duration of the vocational rehabilitation service depends on the service needs of an individual in achieving their vocational goal.

 OFB is committed to supporting vision impairment individuals in achieving their vocational goals in the workforce and securing competitive wages and benefits. For most, work is often a key element in life direction. OFB staff believe that all individuals, regardless of their disability, can be successfully employed having a positive financial impact on the economy.