Vocational Rehabilitation

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) assists Kentuckians with disabilities to achieve suitable employment and independence.  We recognize and respect the contribution of all individuals as a necessary and vital part of a productive society.  

  • To assist Kentuckians with disabilities to achieve suitable employment and independence.
  • We value the rights, merit and dignity of all persons with disabilities and the opportunity to pursue employment as an important aspect of a full and meaningful life.
  • We value all staff, their individual talents, unique abilities and contributions to the agency’s mission.
  • We value collaborative efforts and partnerships which support the agency’s mission. 
See the directory or local district office directory to contact the office nearest you or call 800-372-7172 (V/TTY) for more information.  
Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Central Office
275 East Main Street
Mail Drop 2EK
Frankfort, KY 40621
800-372-7172 (V/TTY)

For more information about Vocational Rehabilitation Services:  

Announcements & Other News

Interested in Serving on the Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation?

​The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is looking for individuals willing to serve on its Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation. The Council reviews, analyzes, and advises the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation on: 

eligibility, including order of selection, 
extent, scope and effectiveness of services provided by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, 
activities that affect or potentially affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to achieve rehabilitation goals. 

Additionally, the Council is charged with conducting a review and analysis of program effectiveness and consumer satisfaction with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as well as other public and private entities that serve individuals with disabilities and use funds made available under the Rehabilitation Act.  
Members are appointed by the Governor for a three-year term. The Council meets four times a year. All meeting expenses are covered according to Kentucky State regulations.

Interested individuals should contact Kellie Scott at 1-866-304-1958.  You may also send an email to WFD.VOCREHAB@ky.gov​ for questions.

CHANGE IN ORDER OF SELECTION:  Effective July 1, 2016

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation must set priorities to serve those with the most significant disabilities. If you are found eligible for OVR services, your counselor assigns you a priority category based on the functional limitations that affect your ability to work.
For more information about Order of Selection please review the following documents or visit the Order of Selection section of this website.


If you are a current consumer and have questions or concerns regarding the services you are receiving, please contact the branch manager at your local district office.​​