Persons Served

Persons requiring assistance in developing or strengthening their employment behaviors.

Program Goal

The Work Adjustment Program (WAP) is available for individuals who have never worked before, have had sporadic work histories, have not worked in a long time, or ​have behavioral/attitude issues that need to be addressed in order to obtain and maintain employment.  This program is designed to improve work-related behaviors and enhance interpersonal skills.

Program Features

Structured work tasks designed to develop basic work habits, skills and attitudes necessary tor vocational training or employment that focus on the following:
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Accepting Constructive Criticism
  • Work Quality
  • Work Quantity
  • Supervisor Relations
  • Co-Worker Relations
  • Job Tolerance
  • Flexibility in Job Assignments
  • Following Work Rules and Regulations
  • Following Instructions
  • Appropriate Dress and Personal Hygiene
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Decision-making Skills
  • Initiative

Curriculum Options

Consumers select from one of nine career tracks offered at the Perkins Center and spend approximately three months in the Work Adjustment Program before transitioning into a skill training program.

Instructional Features

  •     Hands-on Instruction