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Project CASE partners with high schools and community technical colleges, as well as employers and workforce partners to provide students with disabilities a day of hands-on learning. These events focus on programs of study available through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, and align with the grant objectives of promoting STEM career pathways within healthcare, information technology, and advanced manufacturing occupational clusters.

Growing Numbers and Camps:
STEM Events 2017-2019
·         February 24th 2017- Computer Coding and Website Design, taught by employees of software company Interapt, Big Sandy Community & Technical College-Prestonsburg Campus. 25 students participated in this camp.
·         March 17, 2017 -Computer Aided Drafting and catapult model building, taught by faculty at Big Sandy Community & Technical College-Prestonsburg Campus. 25 students have participated in this camp.
·         October 2017 Nursing/ Respiratory Therapy/Electrical/ Advanced Manufacturing/ Automotive/Graphic Design/ Computer Aided Design/Information Technology, taught by faculty at Big Sandy Community & Technical College-Mayo Campus. Over 150 students have participated in Next Step Camp at the Mayo Campus.
·         November 9, 2017 Drone Technology, new certificate program, taught by USA Drone Port staff and faculty at Hazard Community & Technical College. 19 students participated in this program.
·         November 9, 2017 Telemedicine, new certificate program, taught by faculty at Hazard Community & Technical College. 18 students participated.
·         March 2, 2018 Next STEP Camp at Pikeville Community & Technical College. College instructors provided hands-on learning opportunities in the labs and classrooms of Nursing/ Respiratory Therapy/Electrical/ Advanced Manufacturing/ Automotive/Graphic Design/ Computer Aided Design/Information Technology 60 students participated
·         March 12-16 2018 Carl D Perkins Vocational Training Center Transition “Parties” included tours and hands-on learning activities to give prospective students an understanding of the careers they could prepare for through short-term training programs. Taught by staff instructors, 198 students participated.
·         April 17 2018 Multisession STEM Camp Construction, CAD Survey and Drafting, Welding, Cosmetology, Drones taught by the college instructors and current students.  Students were able to fly drones, via the state of the art simulators, designed graphics, and built 3D pen they were able to keep. 46 students participated in this camp.  
·         July 10-12, 2018  University Of Kentucky Healthcare Careers Summer Camp served 6 students. Students learned about healthcare topics from researchers and practitioners, toured many areas of the campus, and met with undergraduate students who shared their personal journey through UK. The camp also included a thorough tour of the UK Hospital.
·         October 16, 2018 Multisession camp at HCTCS. Students drove a “big rig” via a simulator, experienced welding close-up and learned about tools and instruments used in   healthcare fields. 79 students participated.

·         October 23, 2018 SCRUBS camp at Appalachian Regional Medical Center, Prestonsburg. Students learned about scrubbing in and gowning up for the ER, they practiced suturing techniques, viewed X-rays, and learned how surgical tools are sterilized. They also heard from staff in the Radiology, Infection Control, and Surgery departments. 12 students participated.


·         November 8, 2018 Telemedicine and Drones camp. USA Drone Port staff instructed students on how to fly drones via simulators and Big Sandy Community & Technical College, Hazard discussed current market growth in telemedicine. Students viewed the technology used in telemedicine, and recorded blood pressures and body temperatures.  26 students participated.

·  October 2019 SCRUBS camp at Highlands ARH, Prestonsburg KY.  Students learned about scrubbing up and gowning up for the ER. They learned how surgical tools are sterilized. There were 20 students that participated.
·  November 19, 2019 STEM camp at Hazard Community and Technical College. Six different High Schools attended. The camp had a total of 97 students and 17 Teachers and Aides. The class sessions were Carpentry, Welding, CDL, CAD, Electrical and Auto Tech.  Students were able to select sessions that were interesting to them.


   View a video of STEM Camp activities happening at the Pikeville Campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College with high school students from Shelby Valley, East Ridge, Belfry, and Pikeville Independent High Schools (3/2/18). ​ Over 60 Students attended this Camp
                                  group of students
                              ( 12 Students proudly display their certificates after a day of learning about I.T careers.)
                                   hazard community stem camp Nov 19 2019.jpg
                                    (Group of students working together in a Electrical & Auto Tech session )


                                               hazard STEM camp pic nov 20 2019.jpg 

                      (Group of students working together in a Electrical & Auto Tech session )


picture from article.jpeg                                                                NURSING PROGRAM PIC.jpg

 (Big Sandy instructor shows High School student                                                    (High School Students practice giving an injection to a  

how to give an injection to a Manikin.)                                                                        Manikin. Student is dressed in scrubs.)


BSTC RESPIRATORY THERAPY PIC.jpg                                                             pikeville pic injecting orange.jpg
 (student learns the technique for intubating an infant)                                                  ( High School student dressed in scrubs injects an 

                                                                                                                                                     at Big Sandy Community and Technical College)

pikeville campus pic.jpg                                                            IMG_0786.JPG

(High School student controls a robotic arm with a keypad                                                (Big Sandy Community and Technical College instructor

at KCTCS. )                                                                                                                                    shows students a wiring system.)


Camp.jpg                                                   pic circuit.jpg
                                                                                                                                             (Two High School students piece together electical Controls)

IMG_0774.JPG                                                      pikeville campus pic.jpg
                   (Student watching Instructor)

Pikeville campous group pic.jpg                                                  carls d perkins center pic.PNGStem camp April 2018 Hazard  pic.jpg                                               Stem Camp hazard pic.jpg
(Group picture of students holding their birdhouses)                                           (High School Students learning how to make a birdhouse)



Project Case got to spend time with the PATH Program this summer 2018! The campers participated in fun activities around teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. This three-week camp  for high school students with visual impairments took place in Louisville at the Mcdowell Center.

                              path program group picture.jpeg
                                                (Project CASE staff pose with 6 PATH campers at the McDowell Center)

firetruckpathpicture.jpeg                                        abby path picture.jpeg  

(3 PATH campers pose with Firefighter and truck)             (PATH campers locate Braille instructor Abby during scavenger hunt)         



path program smiles.jpeg                                               path program pic 2.jpeg

                                                      (Using balloons and tape to see which team can build the tallest “tower of air”)

View a video of STEM Camp activities happening at HCTC Tech campus in Hazard, KY. Students were able to gain hands on experience while learning about different career paths.


                                                                   Project CASE STEM camp Video (Hazard KY)                                       

                          "We get to experience new things, and learn about and jobs we never knew about"

                                                                      Owsley County High School Reverse Job Fair  pic.jpg
                                                                            (Owsley County High School Reverse Job Fair-

                                                                               Student shows off her display 101 board)



                                         Behind The Scenes Tour with VR staff at Big Sandy !
 Big sandy  pix.jpg            Big sandy 2018 instructor.jpg
  Big sandy arm pic 2018.jpg           Big sandy 2018 needle.jpg


                                      Appalachian Regional Healthcare Tour January 25, 2019
arh students with cap on.jpg                  arh event pic students to table.jpg
(Students touring the facility)                                            (Students sitting down listening to nurse)                    


arh students listening.jpg                        arh building pic.jpg

        (Students sitting down listening to nurse)                                       (Students standing in from of ARH building)                                                   


arh snip.PNG                                     srh tesa snip.PNG

    (Student smiling with hair net on his head)                                                  (CPC Tesa standing with ARH staff)


Secretary Derek Ramsey joined Project CASE and HCTC in welcoming 105 high school students in this year’s STEM Camp exploring careers in cosmetology, welding, CDL, automotive, electrical, HVAC, telehealth, auto body, and much more. We were very honored to have him on our campus for 2.5 hours demonstrating how HCTC Workforce Solutions, Project CASE and OVR are partnering together to assist our region’s youth in realizing their career goals.

 ramsseytruckdrivingathazard.jpg                                                   ramsey speech.jpg

 ( Secretary Ramsey practicing CDL training)                                                                                         (Secretary Ramsey speaking to students)



students at hazard.jpg                                                   students building.jpg

                                                                                                                                                                                       (Students building birdhouses)

studentsbuiltbirdhouse2019.jpg                                                     learningathazard.jpg
                   (Students showing their birhouses )

                               During a tour, individuals learned about the rich history and services provided by Masonic Homes.


masonic tour gym.jpg                                                   Masonic Home Tour photo.jpg

 Project CASE collaborated with local companies and organized an Employability “Boot Camp” and Reverse Job Fair for consumers. The event involved resume refining, elevator pitches, display boards, and a branding presentation.


                                                            reverse job fair collage.jpg

                                                                                    (Collage of Reverse Job Fair with Display Boards)


resume refining.jpg                                               Refining resumes.jpg

                        (Refining Resumes)                                                                                                                (Refining Resumes)


60 second elevator pitch.PNG                              ruthe presentation.PNG

                       (60 second Elevator pitch training)                                                                                     (CPC-Ruthe teaches branding)

20 Students learned about careers in healthcare at ARH in Prestonsburg KY. They learned how to save a life with the Stop the Bleed Program. Students learned about scrubbing up and gowning up for the ER.
                                      ARH 2019 group picture.jpg
                                                                     (Group picture of students at ARH)




ARH 2019 STUDENTS PRACTICE.jpg                                              ARH 2019 STUDENTS LISTEN TO STAFF.jpg