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Success Stories

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 Tannar Yochum

Tannar Yochum was referred to Project CASE to discuss Career Pathway options and gain experience in Manufacturing. While working with Project CASE, Tannar completed a Work Ready certificate from Goodwill and a Workforce Education certificate to learn and develop job readiness skills by completing a resume, mock interviews and job fairs.  Tannar’s main goal was to gain hands-on experience in Manufacturing. While participating in Project CASE Tannar was invited on several local Manufacturing tours to receive knowledge and insight on many positions and careers in Manufacturing.


During Tannar’s experience with Project CASE he also completed an Internship with Internship Academy through the Kentucky Youth Career Center, working for MEMStim in Louisville KY. He was able to use his forklift and power tool experience.  Upon completing Internship Academy he was offered an apprenticeship with Bricklayer. He is very excited to start his apprenticeship opportunity.

Patricia Baldwin 

Tricia is completing her senior year at Spalding University, and will graduate this Spring with a BS in Media Studies and Communication. Tricia wanted to work with a Project CASE Career Pathways Coordinator for two reasons:  to find an internship in her interest area of digital technology, and to look at job opportunities for the future. Tricia attended several tours of local businesses with Project CASE, and fell in love with one company in particular! It was WDRB-TV, a local production station in Louisville, Kentucky. Following the tour, the Career Pathways Coordinator asked Dave Callan, the Production Manager, if he would be open to providing an internship to Tricia. The rest is history. Tricia got her paperwork together, and showed up ready to learn. The Project CASE coordinator checked in occasionally, and found that both the employer and the intern were doing well.

Tricia’s twelve week internship involved observing all the work that occurs in the production areas, and also learning many technical skills related to creating the newscast, both in the studio and in the field. She was expected to master skills related to camera work, video playback, audio, character generation, special effects, technical direction, graphics engines, and commercial and promotion editing. Tricia was also able to satisfy a requirement for her degree by completing this internship and is now one step closer on her career pathway to a dream job


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(Patricia standing with other staff memebers at WDRB)                                   (Patricia sitting on set with two anchormen)   



Justin Reagan 

 Justin Reagan has gotten off to a great start on his career pathway!  A year ago, he had no idea he would be interning at a medical device engineering company. Now he is a valuable team member at MEMstim, responsible for researching equipment and networking solutions and making recommendations for the company’s current and future IT needs.  Justin is a technophile – he loves technology, and he knows how to use it to solve problems, find answers, and improve the lives of others. He is blind, and uses screen reading software or built-in accessibility features on his computers, phones, and tablets to do Internet research, text, email, do on-line banking, arrange transportation around town, etc. His dream job is to work as an Assistive and Adaptive Technology Specialist. Justin’s next step on his career pathway is to obtain his A+ certification.



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  (Justin sitting at his desk working)              (Justin outside of his office with his cane)    (Justin sitting with his boss Kimberly)


                                         “I wish I could do my job full-time, I really love this small company. They really work well with me”
                                                                                          -Justin Reagan-
Justin’s success story is a result of the collaborative power of KentuckianaWork’s Internship Academy and Customer Service training programs, MEMstim, an outstanding and innovative Louisville company, and the Kentucky Office for the Blind/Project CASE



Johnathan Vanover


Jonathan Vanover is a 2009 graduate from Big Sandy Community Technical College with an Associates of Science degree as well as certifications in A+ Computer Repair, Cisco Networking Basic, and Cisco Networking Enhanced. He continued his career pathway in the Information Technology sector, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Morehead State in 2014. He added certifications and skills such as HTML, Java, C++, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Apache, CSS, JavaScript, and Alice to his toolbox.  Mr. Vanover successfully completed several internships but struggled to find a job where he could use his passion, diverse interests and ability within the IT field. Jonathan decided to work with Project CASE to crack the code to finding an IT job in his area of Eastern Kentucky.
 A Career Pathways Coordinator helped him practice for interviews, put together an interview outfit, and create a strong resume. Jonathan also attended the Job Club through the Kentucky Career Center in Paintsville to ensure he was doing everything he could to develop a plan for employment, understand the local labor market, and to tap into job openings. The Career Pathways Coordinator continued reaching out to different employers in the area, looking for IT related job positions, and speaking with company representatives. When the Career Pathways Coordinator noticed a job opening for an Information Technical Assistant at Double Kwik Stores, she reached out to the Human Resources director she had met numerous times at area job fairs. She was able to share Jonathan’s resume, and secure an interview for him. He has been working with Double Kwik since October 2017 handling the Company’s Computer Support and Network needs.

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Mikael Billiter 

Mikael Billiter graduated from Kentucky Career Center Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center with a Forklift Certification, a Kentucky Driver's License, and a diploma in Grounds keeping.  He completed an Internship with Christian Appalachian Project Distribution Center where he gained valuable hours of forklift experience.

 Mikael was referred to Project CASE for Career Planning, Resume and Cover Letter Construction, Interviewing Reviews and Mock Interviews as well as Job Search. Mikael achieved his career goal, and has just been hired at Lowe's in Wise, Virginia in the Lawn and Garden department. Mikael plans to continue his career pathway by working toward and obtaining a management position.
et OnLine reports a Bright Outlook for someone with Mikael Billiter skills. (43-5081.03 – Stock Clerks – Stockroom, Warehouse, or Storage Yard)

Mikael Billiter pic on forklift.PNG       Mikael Billiter pic.PNG

"People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more
 they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly,
 when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that
 can even become self-fulfilling, Success seems to be connected with action.
 Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.
 Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. 
Having people in your corner can determine which of these paths you take.
 Luckily I had awesome people in my corner. Keith has helped me better
understand the “workforce” after attending Carl D. Perkins, I have
achieved two certifications in grounds keeping and a certification
and a license in forklift, I have 200+ hours in both of these positions.
esa has helped me tremendously with gaining my confidence with
 searching for a job for the past few months, I have succeeded in
acquiring a job at lows, and I can’t wait until I start. And I wanted to
thank both of these two amazing and wonderful people, Tesa and Keith
 for helping me with my life’s journey on how to work properly
and how to find a job."
                                         -Mikael Billiter-

Madison Jones

Madison Jones successfully completed her training to become a Licensed Dental Hygienist. Her success story started with the Kentucky Career Center in Hazard. Working with a career advisor there, as well as an Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Counselor, she received the financial and supportive resources she needed for her education and training. When Madison was ready to graduate, Janet Blair, her OVR counselor, referred her to Project CASE for help with Resume, Interview Skills and Job Search and Application processes. Tesa Turner, a coordinator for Project CASE, made employer visits, and set up a meeting for Madison with a practice she felt was a good fit. It was a great fit! Madison is working full time at Vicco Dental Center, and is on track with her career pathway. She is continuing to work toward another certificate, this one in Dental Assisting. This will prepare her to do office record keeping as well as enhance her patient care skills in placing fillings, sealants, and fabricating crowns and bridges.
Her employers are so excited to have her as part of their team!

    madison jones pic.JPGMadison Jones Picture.JPG

“I completed a two year program for Dental Hygienist, and once I graduated debt free,

Janet Blair from OVR referred me to Tesa Turner with Project CASE. Tesa made job

search "super easy". She told me who was hiring, who wasn't, who would let me work PRN

and referred me to an employer who had showed interest in me. I had only met with her a few times. 
 If it hadn't been for these people in my corner I would still be working a minimum wage job
and struggling to take care of myself and my son. Now, I have the job I have always wanted and am able
to provide for my family and can afford to further my education in this field.
                                                    -Madison Jones-                                         

Zachary Conley
 Zachary Conley is a 25 year old from Magoffin County. He graduated from high school in 2012, and began working for local businesses on a part-time and temporary basis.  In 2014, he enrolled at Big Sandy Community and Technical College and completed the carpentry program. He was not able to find employment in this field, and accepted a job with Big Sandy Regional Detention Center on a temporary basis.   In 2016, he was employed by an auto manufacturing parts company in Morehead, KY.  However, Zachary became frustrated with the irregular hours, long distance travel and the inability to earn a living wage.  He decided to concentrate on getting more training, and decided to work with Vocational Rehabilitation to form a strong plan for his future.
He enrolled at the campus of Carl D. Perkins Rehabilitation Center in 2017, and completed training in Auto Detailing.  With help of Project C.A.S.E., Zachary entered a work experience at American Metal Works. American Metal Works is an advanced manufacturing facility located in Paintsville, KY.    During the semester-long work experience, Zachary began learning about the world of computer-aided manufacturing. He was often praised by the owners and staff members for being dependable, self-motivated, and a team-player.  Following his work experience, American Metal Works decided to invite Zachary to join their team, and hired him. Zachary is happy to finally operate a HAAS SL20 LATHE, have a job he enjoys, and a career that will give him the opportunity to keep learning and advancing.
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erapt Camp

Over the 2018 summer break, seven Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) students participated in a Summer Coding Academy, hosted by Interapt/Skills. Students with an interest in computer science were recommended by their teachers to take part in a one month camp where they were introduced to programming concepts like variables, conditional logic, control flow, and functions. They moved on to object oriented programming, systems design, UI/UX design, and how to deploy applications to the App Store or Play Store.  Students walked away with a digital portfolio of their work, and a strong understanding of what it takes to train and work in the world of Information Technology. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation enjoyed this opportunity to partner with JCPS and Interapt to provide students with valuable employability skills preparing them to transition to college-level computer science programs and jobs in the IT sector.
                               Interapt pic for website.jpeg
                                                          Thank You note received by Melody Ognan, Career Pathways Coordinator                   
 Melody, Just wanted to say thanks for getting James into summer camp. This is a once in a life experience for him"

                                                                                                           -Thanks, James' Mom