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Special Training Programs

Mentor Team 

The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Mentoring Program was established in 2002. This is a voluntary program with rigorous expectations and high training standards. The counseling mentor program serves as an invaluable tool in training new counselors as well as assisting with other training opportunities for seasoned counseling staff. This program focuses on the greatest asset of Kentucky OVR, the professionals that make the day-to-day operations of the agency work at an optimum level.

Each year the counselor mentor team solicits new applicants for the mentoring program.  During the new applicant campaign the team sends out the guidelines and all the necessary forms via email.  All eligible counselors are encouraged to apply.  

Quotes about the Mentor Program
“My mentor provided guidance, support, education, and exposure to various consumer scenarios.  Having a mentor provided a sense of confidence and comfort, knowing that I had someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience to lean on in complex situations.  Mentors have a ‘direct connection’ to the field experience and their knowledge is invaluable to new counselors.”  
- Elizabeth Theisen (Bluegrass District)

“The Mentor Training Program is a valuable component of OVR because it allows new counselors the opportunity for hands on training under the guided supervision of a certified counselor.  The Mentoring Program allows for new counselor to feel more comfortable in their abilities given they have a tenured counselor to seek guidance and confirmation from.  The Program enables counselors to have their own discretion while under the mentorship of a senior counselor.  I was blessed with a mentor that guided me, educated me and supervised me as a new OVR Counselor.  He embodied all of the above statements which has allowed me the confidence to work with my consumers.  Still to this day, if I have questions, his door is always open and he is always willing to guide me.  He is truly passionate about his role as a counselor and the mentees that serve under him are motivated to try harder for their consumers because of him.  All counselors would benefit from this program and this type of mentorship.” ​
- Kelly Cline (Bowling Green District)​

Job Placement Team

Job placement is a vital part of our agency and though we have personnel who are dedicated to this role, we believe that ultimately it is the responsibility of all employees.  During Skills Enhancement Training new employees are given an overview of the job placement services in the agency and our job placement specialists receive more intensive training through a mentoring program.  The job placement orientation program is facilitated by Central Office staff and is based on defined job related competencies developed by the Job Placement Team​.

Managers/Supervisors Training​

All individuals supervising other personnel must take Performance Matters training as prescribed by Kentucky State Personnel regulations.  For more information on Performance Matters you may visit the Personnel website.  To register for one of the training dates please contact Susie Edwards the OVR Training Coordinator.  There is also an online training located at this link, but it cannot be taken in place of the in-person training and is only meant to be a supplement to the required training.
In addition to the required training listed above, the Governmental Services Center also offers the Certificate of Supervisory Essentials program.  This program is not mandatory, but supervisors will find the content of benefit in learning to navigate the supervisory role.  To view the details of CSE visit the GSC link and to enroll in the program contact Susie Edwards the OVR Training Coordinator.​