Job Search

Our search engine, Focus Career, offers one of the most comprehensive databases of available jobs anywhere – as well as the ability to apply online. Search on your own or drop by one of our offices and we can talk you through the process.

Additionally, there are career opportunities with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Career Opportunities System​ (COS) provides applicants with a convenient electronic method​ for submitting applications and exploring current employment opportunities. ​ ​

To find a Kentucky Career Center office near you, visit our office locator.


Job Fairs

Job fairs are a good way to get your name around. You can meet potential employers face to face and find out if you’re a good match. Many organizations put on job fairs, especially in larger cities. Click here​ to see the job fair calendar.

Social Media

A very important mechanism for networking can be found in online social media, such as LinkedIn, and, where you can talk about your career and make business connections. Just be sure to keep your communications serious and professional in case someone in a position to hire sees your profile.