Report UI Fraud

If you know of anyone collecting unemployment insurance (UI) benefits while working, while unable to work or when he or she is not eligible to receive these benefits, please anonymously use the ​following Report UI Fraud form​​, email​ or call 502-564-2387.



This is a Fraud Alert from the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Labor.

Be aware that your personal information may be used fraudulently without your permission. Fraudsters are perpetrating numerous schemes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In one scheme, scammers have offered to help individuals file claims for unemployment benefits. The scammers then ask for personal information including social security numbers and dates of birth. The scammers may ask you to provide payment, or your credit card information, in assisting you in filing or qualifying for your unemployment benefits. You do not need to pay anyone to file or qualify for your benefits. Victims of these scams face potential harm. The personal information the scammers collect may be used to commit identity theft to file fraudulent unemployment insurance claims.

Unsolicited calls, social media platforms, and door-to-door visits are several ways that individuals have been targeted.

If you would like to report an allegation of fraud involving unemployment insurance or other U.S. Department of Labor activities or programs, please contact the OIG Hotline at:​ or 202-693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756.​

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If you have been overpaid benefits because of fraud:


           ·         You will be ineligible to receive any future benefits until you repay the amount you owe.

           ·         You will be disqualified from receiving benefits for up to 52 weeks following the date the overpayment is established. 

    ·         ​A penalty of 15 percent will be assessed on all overpayments. 
    ·         ​You will be charged 1.5 percent interest per month on the principal balance.    
         ​A lien will be filed against you. This lien will not be released until the debt is paid in full.
         ​Your state and/or federal income tax refunds will be intercepted to put towards your overpayment.
    ·         ​​You may be referred for prosecution.

Kentucky Division of Unemployment Insurance uses many sources that report when you return to work. Failure to accurately report your earnings may result in an improper payment. Any overpayment of unemployment benefits must be repaid. 

If you have questions concerning your unemployment benefits, please go to to review the Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet or contact the UI Help Line at 502-564-2900.

Don't Commit Fraud Video - Sometimes Good People Make Bad Decisions
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Question: If I earn money working, do I have to report it?

Yes. If you work, whether it’s full time or an odd job, you must report all earnings for the week in which you work, even if you have not yet been paid. Include all income, commissions and tips. Report the gross amount before deductions. 


Question: If I get a part-time job, am I still eligible for unemployment benefits?

Maybe. Part-time workers filing for benefits must report wages earned before deductions. You may still be eligible for partial unemployment benefits. Not reporting part-time earnings while claiming unemployment benefits is fraud and will result in an overpayment. You will have to pay the unemployment money back before you can receive benefits again, and possibly face prosecution.


Question: Are there any other wages/earnings I must let the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance know about?

 You MUST tell us if you receive or expect to receive any money from your employer. This includes vacation or holiday pay, bonuses, severance pay, separation pay, wages in lieu of notice, tips, commissions, military retirement pay, workers’ compensation, WARN Act and any other payment based on your previous work. 


If you do not tell us about these payments, you could be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits and you will have to reimburse the division any benefits you have received. ​

Question: What happens if I do not report earnings?


Answer: Any unemployment payment you get that you are not supposed to receive is considered an improper payment. Kentucky’s Office of Unemployment Insurance has many means for recovering overpayments. We pursue all allowable collection efforts, including deducting money from future unemployment benefit payments, intercepting both your federal and/or state income tax refunds and prosecuting fraud cases as Class D felonies.