Approved Training

According to Unemployment Insurance regulations, an individual may claim benefits while attending an approved training program. Approved training programs must meet certain standards under the law. Not all training programs are approved.

Extended Benefits for Approved Training

If you are in an approved training program, and you are making progress toward completing that program, you are potentially eligible for up to five (5) additional weeks of unemployment benefits. The additional weeks of benefits you may receive depends on your claim's benefit year end (BYE) and how long your training approval lasts.


Notify the Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI) if You Are Enrolled in School or Training

If you are attending school or training, contact your local Kentucky Career Center (KCC) office and request a training approval form. Completed the form and return it to the KCC office or the Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI). The OUI will determine if your training is approved under the law. If approved, the OUI will contact the school or training program to check your progress.


Explore Local Training Opportunities and Education Assistance at the Links Below:

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Local Workforce Innovation Boards


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Postsecondary Education

Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

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Work Ready Scholarship Program

Contact your local Kentucky Career Center for more information.

Additional benefits cannot exceed 24 weeks in total​