Claiming Benefits by Phone

​Only claimants who are exempt from the work search requirements (those who have a definite
recall date within 12 weeks of the initial claim filing, are in an approved training program, Eclaims, etc.) may choose to request benefits by phone in​ addition to requesting benefits online.

Claim your weeks or check your payment by telephone at 1-877-3my-kyui or 1-877-369-5984.

By using Voice Response Unit (VRU) and a touchtone phone, you may claim your weeks or request the status of your last week claimed. This service is available on Sunday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. ET and Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Please have the following information readily available before you place your call to the voice response unit:

  • social security number;
  • personal identification number (pin);
  • date you returned to full-time work, if you have returned to work;
  • number of hours you worked, if you were paid or will be paid for the work; and
  • amount you earned before any deductions were made.
The system is easy to use. It will talk you through the step-by-step process. In most cases, you will get three attempts to enter the correct information.

If you are claiming two weeks, the system will take you through the same set of questions twice; once for the first week and again for the second week.

A. When you file an initial or reopened claim, you must wait 15 days after you file your claim before calling the VRU System. One phone call certifies both weeks you are claiming. Do not call the system back to claim your weeks again, unless there was a system problem and you were advised by the computer to call back later. When you call more than once a day it will kick your payment out as a duplicate, you will get a call from your local office to certify your weeks again, and you will delay your benefits.

B. If during your call via VRU, the system tells you to report to your local office, you must report as instructed before the weeks can be paid. Calling the system again will not issue a payment.

C. Don't use a cordless or cellular telephone. The system may not recognize the tone.

D. Answers to all questions must be entered by you and must be truthful. Falsification is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment under KRS.341.990.

E. If you hang up the phone before the system tells you to, your claim will not process. Follow the system's instructions very carefully.