Program Policy and Support Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​Frankfort Location


  ​Jennifer Withrow - Branch Manager

  Provides supervision and oversight to the Program, Policy, and Support Branch.


​Jessica Slaughter - Support​ Section Supervisor   
​Provides supervision to the Support Section.    

Brooke McDaniel2.jpg

Brooke McDaniel - Administrative Specialist
Provides overall support to the branch. Contact for the OVR website, social media pages, and the agency newsletter.​

Sarah Richardson - Program Coordinator
Provides oversight to the Kentucky Assistance Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC), staff liaison to the Kentucky Assistance Technology Loan Corporation Board of Directors, and serves as the Stable Account ambassador. Coordinates Kentucky Assistance Technology Loan Corporation applicants and independent living consumers.

Chris Sheetinger - Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator
Provides oversight to the Counselor Mentor Program. Contact for requests for background checks, language translation services, newsletter content, and wage requests. Creation and updating of agency forms.

Vacant - Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator

​Oversees the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) requirements for Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, including the Statewide Council on Vocational Rehabilitation and state plan.

Kari Skaggs - Resource Management Analyst
Provides CMS support to all staff, coordinates efforts on an agency, departmental, and cabinet level to design, maintain, and enhance data collection, and reporting for the CMS system across all programs. Coordinates data collection needs and internal reporting and analysis reporting.  Creates, review and distributes from CMS, and WEBI. Serves as a backup for importing medical service codes, descriptions, and allowable amounts into CMS. Serves as a resource with COT and OTS for OVR IT and system requirement program needs.​

Austin Howard - Resource Management Analyst
Provides oversight to Service Fee Memorandum development, updates, implementation, and distribution. Establishes fees for services. Establishes and updates the cost of attendance rates for post-secondary institutions. ​Provides vendor approval, importation, and maintenance. Reviews and approves training programs. Establishes fee rates for medical services as needed.

Lindsey Ballard.jpg

Lindsey Ballard - Resource Management Analyst
Serves as liaison for technical reviews, upgrades, change requests & other improvements to agency Case Management System (CMS). Provides federal reports to Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). Coordinates with a partner agency to obtain UI Wage records needed for tracking and​ reporting.  Imports Medical Service Code descriptions and allowable amounts into CMS. Completes data reports.

Jacob Estep - Grants Specialist
Oversees financial reimbursements, authorizations, inventory (Consumer items), and contract monitoring.

Ed Monheimer - Grants Specialist 
Oversees contract monitoring, site monitoring, and financial reimbursement related to Pre-employment Transition Services, Community Work-Based Transition Services, and Sub-minimum Wage (511) requirements monitoring.  ​

Vacant - Grants Administrator 
Oversees contracts development and financial management oversight, vendor debarment. and assists with policy and procedure development, the state plan, grants, and agency newsletter as needed.​

Kathryn Spears, Procedures Development Specialist
​​​Provides expert assistance in the analysis of federal and state laws and regulations to determine the impact on agency programs, develops and implements operational policies and procedures for defining program effectiveness, responds to complex inquiries requiring in-depth research of program policy, and writes and recommends operational procedures manuals.​​ 

Danville Location

Deborah Mazurek - Resource Management Analyst
Responsible for Case Management System (CMS) - Maximus Module, (Social Security), Case Management System changes, Case Management System – Social Security Reimbursement (SSR) Module, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) - 911 changes and reports, Wage Records, Wage Universe, and monthly reports. Assists with Project CASE and case reviews as needed.

Page Butler - Resource M​anagement Analyst
Oversees Semi-Autonomous Rehab Assistant (SARA), onboarding and off-boarding of staff, staff technology needs, Agency technology needs, Commonwealth Office of Technology billing, archiving, scanning, and copier needs.

Kathy Long - Resource M​anagement Analyst
Provides oversight and assistance to Pre-ETS, EBI/Crystal Reports and data requests/needs, IL/OIB reports, contact for requests for training related to CMS an​d EBI/Crystal, oversees updates to the CMS training manual, oversees CWTP​ changes, and assists with CMS testing changes as needed.

Louisville Location

Kellie Scott - Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator

Coordinates Team Review to Advance Counselor Knowledge and Skill (TRACKS), the statewide case review system, ad hoc queries, program evaluation, and data/statistics. Contact for Disability Benefits (DB) 101, Community Work Incentive Counselors (CWIC), Consumer Satisfaction Survey, and Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment.


Systems Support SectionPolicy Section
Jessica Slaughter – Section SupervisorVacant – VRA/SCVR
Lindsey BallardKathryn Spears
Page Butler​
Sar​ah Richardson
Deborah Mazurek
Kellie Scott
Kari Scaggs
Chris Sheetinger
​Kathy Long​
​Jacob Estep
Austin Howard
Ed Monheimer

Brooke McDaniel 

Vacant, Grants Administrator