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​Office of Vocational Rehabilitation State Plan Forum Announcement

Click here to view the the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation portion of the State Plan

The following areas that may be of particular interest as we look forward to developing the new OVR State Plan: State’s Strategies (Section O, pg. 110-130); Evaluation and Reports of Progress: VR and Supported Employment Goals (Section P, 130-138); and Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services (Section Q, 138-143).

The Public Forum schedule follows:

  • Virtual Public Forum: 10:00AM – 11:00AM (EST), September 19th
Meeting ID: 875 1780 7873
Passcode: 569380

  • ​Virtual Public Forum: 6:30PM – 7:30PM (EST), September 19th
​​Click here to join
Meeting ID: 840 0365 9881
Passcode: 092507

  • Thelma (In-person and Virtual Option): 6:30PM - 7:30PM (EST), October 17th, Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center, 5659 Mainstreet, Thelma, KY, 41260.​
Meeting ID: 889 2331 3649
Passcode: 360171​

  • Louisville (In-person and Virtual Option): 10:00AM – 11:00AM (EST), October 24th, Charles W. McDowell Center for the Blind, 8412 Westport Rd., Louisville, KY 40242
Meeting ID: 892 9166 2133
Passcode: 987231
  • ​Louisville (In-person and Virtual Option): 6:30PM – 7:30PM (EST), October 24th, Charles W. McDowell Center for the Blind, 8412 Westport Rd., Louisville, KY 40242 
​Click here to join​     
Meeting ID: 856 6796 1701
Passcode: 064734​

​Kentuckians who are unable to attend a forum may send comments through October 31st, 2023. Comments may be sent in writing to the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, 500 Mero Street, 1st FL., Frankfort, KY 40601, via e-mail to​ or call (800) 372-7172. If any reasonable accommodations for a disability are required for participation at a public forum, please call Brooke McDaniel at (502)782-3494 at least 10 days before the forum.

The public also has the opportunity to ask questions regarding the topics mentioned; however, the public will be provided answers to the questions after all forums have been complete and no later than November 30th. Answers to forum questions will be posted on the OVR website.​

For more information, please contact Lametta Isaacs​, Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. ​​For more information on attending virtually, please contact Brooke McDaniel​ via email or by phone at (502) 782-3494.​

​Statewide Council for Vocational​ Rehabilitation Mission Statement:​

“The Mission of the Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation (SCVR) for the state of Kentucky is to analyze policies, programs and services, make recommendations, and advise/partner with the agency and its stakeholders. The goal of this endeavor is to ensure the services, policies, and programs are consumer-oriented and consumer-driven resulting in meaningful employment, self-sufficiency, and independence.”

About the Council 

The Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation (SCVR) is a consumer-controlled Council that collaborates and partners with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) in the establishment of programs for delivery of services to individuals with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth. The Council develops, reviews and approves the goals and priorities of State programs and makes recommendations for improvements as needed.  

The Council reviews, analyzes, and advises OVR regarding performance responsibilities as it relates to:

  • Eligibility, including order of selection;
  • Extent, scope, and effectiveness of services provided by OVR; and
  • Functions performed by OVR that affect or potentially affect the ability of individuals with disabilities in achieving rehabilitation goals.

Additionally, the Council conducts analyses of program effectiveness and consumer satisfaction with OVR as well as other public and private entities that serve individuals with disabilities and use funds made available under the Rehabilitation Act.  

SCVR meets on a quarterly basis, and the meetings are open to the public. The committees of the Council meet between quarterly meetings. Reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids to attend SCVR meetings are provided with at least a one-week notice.

If you wish to attend a SCVR meeting as a member of the public, please contact Brooke McDaniel.

If you wish to serve on the Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation,  please complete an  Online Application at the Kentucky Boards and Commissions page or you can complete a Paper Application​ and send to:
Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator
Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street
1st Floor SE
Frankfort, KY 40601
On October 1, 2018, the former Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation and the State 
Rehabilitation Council for the Blind was disassembled and merged into one cohesive entity. 


Upcoming Meetings

​Quarterly SCVR Meeting

October 23, 2023 @ 9:00am 

In-Person and Video Teleconference​

Please RSVP by email before 12:00 pm (EST) on 10/09/2023 to receive meeting information

​Contact Brooke McDaniel for more information at 800-372-7172. ​

Need​ more help? Contact us

Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Central Office
Mayo-Underwood Building
500 Mero Street 4th Floor NE
Frankfort, KY 40601
800-372-7172 (V/TTY)