Kentucky Business Enterprise

​​​​​Kentucky Business Enterprise (KBE) is one of the nation's leading vending and foodservice programs operated by individuals who are visually impaired or blind. The program trains and places individuals as self-employed operators of snack bars, dining facilities and automated vending facilities in public and private buildings across the state.

Administered by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, KBE trains and certifies Kentuckians who are legally blind in food service and licenses them to operate snack bars, dining facilities and automated vending facilities in public and private locations. The program provides full-time employment and career opportunities for Kentuckians who are legally blind while providing high-quality vending and food services for government and business.
Qualified consumers of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation receive specialized training in food services and are certified by Kentucky Business Enterprise as licensed vendors. These individuals operate food and vending facilities at public and private locations under Kentucky Business Enterprise rules and regulations. Costs of initial stock and equipment are provided by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, and title for these items remain with Kentucky.

Vendors operate their facilities as their own businesses, receiving income from the net profits.
Dedication to customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons for Kentucky Business Enterprises' success. Each service location is designed to provide the products customers want, in an attractive setting.

Each facility is adequately stocked from the first day of operation, offering a large selection of quality products at competitive prices. When possible, products are purchased from local wholesalers, allowing the vendor to secure each customer's product preferences.

Each KBE facility is operated by a well-trained vendor whose top priority is providing courteous and immediate service.  

Why an individual should choose Kentucky Business Enterprise for vending and foodservice?
  • Attractive and pleasant facilities
  • Well maintained, up-to-date equipment
  • High-quality, brand-name products
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable equipment maintenance and repair
  • Knowledgeable, service-oriented vendors

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