Charles W. McDowell Center for the Blind

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​​The vision of the McDowell Center is to provide high-quality services and resources to Kentuckians who are blind or visually impaired to prepare them for employment, economic self-sufficiency and independence with complete integration into society. 
The McDowell Center is named for Charles W. McDowell, a former leader of the Office for the Blind and champion for services to blind and visually impaired Kentuckians. The McDowell Center is a 44,000 square foot facility located in Northeast Jefferson County, and includes a dormitory wing, classrooms, computer lab, cafeteria, auditorium, and recreation and exercise areas. 

The McDowell Center for the Blind is committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and supportive, and contributes to individuals’ ability to learn, develop positive attitudes about blindness, and grow professionally. The training curriculum is designed to help individuals reach their own career and personal goals. Consumers have three options for particpation: as a "day student" who commutes to the McDowell Center, as a "dormitory student" who stays onsite, or as a "virtual student" who attends from their home community. The dormitory is staffed evenings, nights and around the clock on weekends, and transportation services are available on an as-needed bases. 

Blind Services Division

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Video Resources

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Introduction to the McDowell Center.
Introduction to Braille Instruction.
​A McDowell student success story. 

Progressive Employment Services.

Transition Student Michael Davis.

Transition Student Ashley Powell. 

two people sitting at  a wodden table, reading braille.

The lobby entrance of the McDowell Center.


​​​​​ Charles W. McDowell Center

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Louisville, KY 40242
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1-800-346-2115 - Toll Free (Only in KY)
1-866-761-0818 - Deaf Services (Video Phone)