Whenever it is possible, the vocational rehabilitation counselor will rely on existing information about an individual’s disability to determine eligibility. Often educational assessments, social security evaluations, and other records will supply enough information.

An individual’s input on employment related needs is vital to this process. Sometimes additional information may be necessary to determine eligibility or to explore what services an individual needs to become employed. In these cases, other appropriate medical, vocational, technical, and educational assessments will be arranged and provided at no cost to the individual.

A vocational assessment is an individualized process that reflects an individual's physical, mental, and emotional abilities, limitations, and tolerances. By federal law, the rehabilitation counselor must conduct a comprehensive vocational assessment to gather information that will assist and empower the individual in making informed decisions.

The assessment should provide information on the unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, interests, abilities, capabilities, and the potential need for supported employment. This information will be used by the consumer to make appropriate and informed choices during the rehabilitation process. 

The assessment process enables the consumer to identify an optimal vocational outcome and to reach their maximum vocational potential. The comprehensive vocational assessment is limited to information that is necessary to determine eligibility, identify the rehabilitation needs of the individual and to plan for services or activities that are required to assist the individual to become employed.

There is no cost to the consumer for any activities involved in completing the vocational assessment.

Assessment Resource Manual


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