Vocational Rehabilitation Services

​Services Provided

The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation may provide any vocational rehabilitation services a consumer needs to reach the employment outcome (vocational goal) specified in the Individual Plan for Employment. 

Some examples of such services are:

  • Assessment for determining eligibility and vocational rehabilitation needs;
  • Counseling and guidance;
  • Vocational training and other training services;
  • Supported employment;
  • Personal assistance services;
  • Interpreter and notetaking services;
  • Telecommunications, sensory, and other technological aids and devices;
  • Rehabilitation technology;
  • Job placement and job retention services;
  • Employment follow-up and post-employment services.
Many services are provided regardless of the financial situation or income of the consumer. The counselor and consumer discuss the income and resources of the household and in some cases, the consumer may be asked to participate in the cost of the vocational rehabilitation program.
All services purchased by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation must be agreed upon by the counselor and consumer and a written payment authorization must be sent to each service provider in advance. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation has established fees and rates of payment for services. In most cases, a service provider will accept these fees as total payment. If it is necessary for the consumer to pay for part of a service, the required amount and process for payment will be agreed upon prior to the consumer obtaining the service.
Federal law requires the use of any other benefits for which a consumer is eligible to cover the cost of some services. These 'comparable' benefits may include training grants, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation and insurance.

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