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The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation program provides a wide array of services to individuals with disabilities as they prepare for gainful employment.  The agency currently has over 20 Job Placement Specialists who offer Job Placement services to consumers.  

Job Placement Specialists provide employability skills training for consumers based on individual needs.  Job Placement Specialists work one-on-one with consumers to develop professional resumes, provide mock interviews, and answer questions regarding job search.  Many local OVR offices are now providing these services through resource labs.  The labs are equipped with job search tools and technology, including access to the Employ Kentucky Operating System. 

Other Job Placement Services available for Consumers: 

  • Assistance in developing job search strategies.  This may include the development and writing of On-the-Job Training contracts. 
  • Information and assistance with potential job referral sources.
  • Labor market information, including local job availability and future employment trends.
  • Determine level of job readiness and make appropriate recommendations as needed.
  • Employability skills training based on individual needs. 
  • Technical assistance and resources in reference to the Americans with Disabilities Act

Providing qualified job applicants to employers through:

  • Assessment
  • Soft Skills
  • Internships
  • On the Job Training
  • Employment Follow-Up
  • Job Retention

The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation provides a wide array of services to individuals with disabilities as they prepare for gainful employment.  We assist businesses in hiring, developing and keeping valued employees.  Highly trained Job Placement Specialists provide these free services. ​​​​

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