Self Employment Services

What is Self-Employment? 

For many consumers, self-employment is a viable option. Self employment services are intended to support an employment outcome that is designed to maximize the individual’s work, earnings, and financial independence. The self-employment venture must be expected to be the major source of income for the individual. 
Self-employment is a consumer-owned business, profession, or trade that sells goods or services for the purpose of making a profit. A self-employed consumer works for themselves for profit or fees, at home or at another work site, controlled by the consumer. Self-employment includes sole proprietorships, partnerships (51% consumer owned), or corporations.
The terms, “home based business” and “home-based employment” have different meanings and are not interchangeable in regard to self-employment: 
  • Home-Based Business: A business, profession or trade is consumer owned, managed and operated out of the consumer’s residence, including contract work. A home-based business may be self-employment.
  • Home-Based Employment: Work performed by a consumer, at home, for an employer through telecommuting.  Home-based employment is not self-employment. 
Each OVR district has a designated Self-Employment Specialist with the following role: 
  • Act as a resource to district staff on self-employment.
  • A source of information for Counselors regarding local resources. 
  • At the counselor’s request, review the assessment to assist the counselor in determining if the goal is appropriate.
  • Report any problems with process or procedures to the state Self-Employment Coordinator for resolution or revision of process. 

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