Employment First Council

​​​​​​​Upcoming Meetings:

Friday, October 13th, 2023

1:00pm - 3:00pm

500 Mero St., 1st Floor Hearing Room (CE 133)

Frankfort, KY 40601

​​Strategic Plan (coming soon)

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​​Boards and Commissions Application

​Information About the Council: 

​Under Employment First legislation, a 28-member​ council was created. The role of the council is to:
  • ​Identify state policies that create disincentives for the employment of people with disabilities and develop recommendations to address and eliminate those disincentives.
  • Develop training resources on the benefits of competitive integrated employment of workers with a disability. 
  • Recommend the development and implementation of policies and effective practices for providers of supported employment services that increase employment opportunities for workers with a disability. 
  • Utilize appropriate metrics to assess progress of efforts. 
  • Lastly, submit an annual report by December 1st to the Legislative Research Commission, the secretary of the Education and Labor Cabinet, and the Governor, summarizing its findings and recommendations.

​​Bylaws (coming soon)

Council and Committee Officers: ​

  • ​Council Chair - Katie Wolf Whaley
  • Council Vice-Chair - Morgan Turner
  • Legislative Liaison - Diana Merzweiler
  • Amanda Friend
  • Amanda Owen
  • Amy Luttrell
  • Annette Jett
  • Bill Bates
  • Dawn Gardner
  • Cora McNabb
  • David Allgood
  • Diana Merzweiler
  • Frank Huffman
  • Greta Hylton
  • Jeff Edwards
  • Jeff White
  • Jessica Beaven
  • Tal Curry
  • Leslie Hoffmann
  • Lori Norton
  • Merry Reid Sheffer
  • Morgan Turner
  • Rebecca Wilson
  • Robert "Larry" Taylor
  • Staci Cain
  • Thomas Hamilton
  • Todd Coffey
  • Zach Morgan
  • ​Vacancy - Council of State Governments

Committees Membership List:

  • Employer Education and Engagement
    • Merry Reid Sheffer - Chair
  • Advocacy and Education
    • Amanda Owen - Chair
  • Provider Capacity
    • Jeff White - Chair
  • Transition
    • Jessica Beaven - Chair
    • Frank Huffman - Co-Chair
  • Bylaws (Ad hoc)
    • Katie Wolfe Whaley - Chair

Council Administrator Information:
​Nanci J. Howard
Employment First Council
Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator
500 Mero Street, 4th Floor, NE
Frankfort, KY 40601