Behavior Intervention Supports and Techniques (BeST)

The purpose of​ the BeST is to teach and reinforce expected workplace behaviors that assist in preparing consumers for employment.  Consumers are expected to comply with all of the program's behavioral expectations while at the facility or during supervised activities off campus grounds.

BeST is an important teaching tool at the Perkins Center.  Through BeST, the facility seeks to structure an environment in which appropriate work and social behaviors are positively reinforced and inappropriate behaviors have fair and immediate consequences.
Conduct standards are organized into three tiers, with Tier 1 behaviors being the least serious, and Tier 3 behaviors being the most serious.  Consequences have been established for each tier.  Staff member attempt, whenever possible, to assist consumers change undesirable behaviors through supportive counseling, behavioral contracts, and/or positive interventions.

Consumers can be discharged for failing to comply with the guidelines of BeST if the behavior is serious, or,  if attempts by staff members to assist the consumer change the undesirable behavior(s) have been unsuccessful.  Consumers have appeal rights included as part of the BeST program if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

Consumers receive an orientation to the BeST program when they arrive at the Perkins Center to begin their program.  Center staff members will be happy to discuss the program with prospective consumers and their families.