Residential Housing and Recreation

Those individuals housed in the dormitory units are consumers referred by the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation​ who need residential services to participate in one or more service programs. 

Residential Housing Goal and Definition

  • To provide adequate housing for up to 187 students during their program at the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center.
  • To enhance the independent living of individuals served at the Perkins Center.
  • To provide adjustment services to individuals housed in the dormitory.
  • To enhance the social skills of individuals served at the Perkins Center.

Residential services provides housing to 187 consumers, as well as provides security services for the entire campus.

Residential Housing Features

Two different types of housing are available at the Perkins Center.  There is a 187-bed housing area with separate male and female dormitories.  There is also a 29-bed assisted living unit for persons requiring assistance with activities of daily living.  Each area strives to promote a sense of community and social interaction.  Rooms are double occupancy and include two beds, desks and wardrobes.  Linens are also provided.  Rooms are arranged to provide a feeling of privacy and comfort.  A washer and dryer is available for use on each floor as well.  Cable television service is provided to students at no charge.  Students must provide the TV set and coaxial cable.
Students are assigned rooms upon their arrival, but may be allowed to change rooms or roommates.   Private rooms are not available at the Perkins Center.
Residential services at the Perkins Center typically close for a few weeks in June and for a few weeks during the Christmas/New Year holiday.  Classes are dismissed and students return home or make arrangements for their housing during this time.  Students are asked to take all of their personal belongings with them when residential services close so the rooms in the dormitory and Assisted Living Unit can be thoroughly cleaned and chemically treated.
The Perkins Center has computers with internet access consumers can use in the evening.  Wireless internet is also available. Consumers must provide their own laptop to be able to access the internet and must follow procedures established for wireless access.  
The Perkins Center has phones available in the dorm lobby that can be used by students with phone cards.  Students may keep and use cell phones on campus except when attending their classes or other scheduled activities.

Other Features

  • Dormitory staff are present twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week that consumers are housed at the Perkins Center. Security staff are present during evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • State of the art fire/smoke alarm and security system.
  • Hygiene program  
  • Full vending area
  • Videophones available through interpreter or a designated case manager


Three nutritious meals per day are provided in the cafeteria.  Individuals with special dietary needs can make arrangements with cafeteria staff.


The recreation program at the Perkins Center offers a wide range of well-rounded recreational activities designed to meet the needs of our consumers.

The objectives of the recreation unit are to assist persons with disabilities in becoming self-sufficient and reaching their highest level of physical, mental and emotional potential through both structured and therapeutic programs offered on a free choice or referral basis.

Population Served  

Recreation services are provided to all residential consumers daily and to “day” (non-residential) consumers on an occasional basis.  Therapeutic programs are designed to develop and maintain physical stamina, social skills and leisure time structuring skills.  Voluntary structured and non-structured classes are offered on a continuing basis.  Voluntary programs are designed to teach appropriate behavior and the proper social interaction skills.

The recreation program is open on a daily basis.  Included in the recreation program are an arts and crafts area, computer lab, gymnasium and game room.  Activities include shopping trips, picnics, trips to sporting events, weightlifting, billiards, volleyball, ping pong, air hockey, bowling, dances, ceramics, softball, basketball, board games and much more.

Admissions Criteria  

All consumers have recreation programs available on a free choice, first come-first serve basis.  Therapeutic recreation referrals may be received from the results of a Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation, Perkins Center staff members, family members and/or OVR counselor recommendation.

Length of Program  

Free choice recreation is offered as long as the consumer is enrolled at the Perkins Center.  The therapeutic program is followed until goals have been met or the consumer leaves the Perkins Center.