​Persons Served

Occupational therapists treat individuals whose lives have been disrupted by physical injury or accident, birth defect, aging, emotional, sensory or developmental problems.  A physician's order is required to initiate occupational therapy evaluations and/or treatment.

Service Goal

The goal of occupational therapy is to assist each individual in becoming as independent as their disability will allow, using functional activities, assistive devices, and technology.  Rather than referring to a person's employment, the term "occupational" means being occupied in meaningful day-to-day living activities, including work and leisure. 

Service Features 

Activities of Daily Living 

  • Feeding/eating
  • Oral hygiene/grooming
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Bathing/dressing
  • Adaptive/assistive equipment and splinting
  • Cognitive integration 

Pre-Driving Assessments 

  • Home, school, job-site visits, vocational services and consultations
  • Independent living skills
  • Home management
  • Child care/parenting retraining
  • Community re-entry
  • Safety awareness & performance
  • Financial management
  • Sensory awareness, processing and mobulation
  • Training
  • Upper extremity prosthetic training