​​​The Perkins Center operates several different types of programs that assist consumers achieve their vocational rehabilitation goals.  Some programs may be designed to help c​onsumers learn specific job skills while others may be focused on helping consumers live more independently.

Consumers, depending on their service needs and Individual Plan of Employment (IPE), will be enrolled in one or more programs during their stay at the Perkins Center. It is not uncommon for consumers to complete programs such as Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment before their enrollment in an occupational skill training program.
The programs vary in the length of time needed to complete them.  The Vocational Evaluation program lasts only a few days.  Occupational skill training programs may last a few months to several months depending on the subject matter students will need to learn to work in a particular trade. CDPVTC Informational Flyer
Students who complete an occupational skill training program, a college program, or earn their GED while at the Perkins Center are invited to attend a cap-and-gown commencement program held in June of each year on our campus.  Many former students return to the Perkins Center to participate in the ceremony and bring their family and friends as guests.
The following are a list of programs offered at the Center:

​​Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center
5659 Main Street
Thelma KY, 41260
606-788-7080 - Phone
606-788-7076 - Fax
1-800-443-2187 - Toll-Free (Only in KY)
1-866-761-0818 - Deaf Services (Video Phone)