​Persons Served

Persons with disabilities referred by the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or other agencies having service agreements with the Perkins Center.

Service Goal

To provide vocational evaluation, assessment, education, career exploration, and vocational guidance to individuals with disabilities.  Also, to make ​recommendations for services to assist individuals in employment, career development and independent living.

Service Features

Career counseling, vocational exploration and vocational guidance.
Assessment of vocational interests, aptitude, academic achievement, independent living functioning, need for assistive technology, and physical/environmental capacities. 

Available Vocational Evaluation Tools

Physical and Psychomotor Capacities:

    Driver Vision Screening Test
    Physical Therapy Assessment
    Occupational Therapy Assessment
    Physical and Environmental Capacities Evaluation(completed by Physician)
    Speech/Language/Hearing Assessment
    GATB/NATB(manual dexterity and finger dexterity)
    Situational Assessment
    Psychological Assessment

Intellectual Capacities:

    Raven Progressive Matrices
    Psychological Assessment
    GATB (general learning score)
    Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)

Work Impact Skills:

    Job Survival and Success Scale (JSSS)
    Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)
    Work Impact Watcher (WAM)
    ONET- Career Value Inventory
    Work Readiness Inventory (WPI)
    Barriers to Employment Success Inventory (BESI)
    Situational Assessment
    Behavioral Observations
    Vocational Interview
    Independent Living Skills (ILS)
    Mental Health Consultation
    Alcohol/Drug Assessment

Vocational Interest:

    Self Directed Search (SDS)
    Reading-Free Vocational Inventory Second  Edition (R-FVII:2)
    Vocational Interview
    Career Interest, Preferences, and Strengths Inventory (CAPSI)
    Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS)
    Career Exploration Inventory
    RIASEC Inventory

Job-Seeking Skills:

    Sample Job Application
    Vocational Interview
    Career Planning Scale
    Career Exploration Inventory
    Job Search Knowledge Scale
    Job Search Attitude Inventory
    Ability Explorer

Vocational Aptitudes:

    Situational Assessment
    GATB/NATB (measures 9 aptitudes)
    Jewish Employment and Vocational Service Work Sample System (JEVS)


    Wide Range Achievement Test
    Tests of Ault Basic Education (TABE)
    Peabody Individual Achievement Test-NU