Driver’s Rehabilitation, Evaluation and Training Program


The Center’s Driver Rehabilitation, Evaluation, and Training Program is staffed by 2 Occupational Therapists who have earned the Certified Driving Rehabilitation ​Specialist credential.  In addition, both therapists have obtained a Traffic Safety Endorsement from Eastern Kentucky University.  Our additional instructor completed the Traffic Safety Endorsement program and is working towards obtaining her certification as a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist.  The demand for this program has traditionally resulted in a lengthy waiting list for each service provided.

Individuals Served:

Any individual enrolled at the Center may be referred to the driving program by their case manager.  Students must be of legal age, abide by the Kentucky Graduated Licensing Law, and have medical clearance to participate in the program.  Services are also provided to Vocational Rehabilitation consumers  who reside in the local area.

Program Services:

  • Clinical Pre-Driver’s Evaluation:  The purpose of this evaluation is to gather information regarding the baseline skills needed to become a low-risk, independent, licensed driver.  This comprehensive evaluation considers an individual’s occupational performance history, cognitive skills, visual and perceptual skills, and physical functioning to determine further program eligibility.  
  • Permit Class:  Offered to eligible students who do not have a Kentucky Learner’s Permit.  Curriculum is based on the Kentucky Driver’s Manual and all aspects of Kentucky Road Rules and Regulations are extensively reviewed.  Accommodations are made to meet the needs of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.  Students who qualify are provided with the opportunity to take the Kentucky Learner’s Permit Test at the Johnson County Courthouse.
  • Simulator Training:  A state of the art driving simulator is available for use with students as indicated.  The simulator can be used to facilitate decision making regarding participation in our driving program as part of the clinical driving assessment or to develop basic vehicle control skills/visual skills/processing skills in those students who are eligible.
  • On-Road Training:  Extensive on-road training in the Center’s Driver Education vehicles is provided to students who qualify.  Sessions take place in a variety of driving environments and cover all aspects of safe motor vehicle operation.  This portion of the program is highly individualized and students are progressed according to their ability.  Depending on their progress, students may take the Kentucky Road Test in Johnson. 
  • Adaptive Equipment/Vehicle Modification:  Our program provides evaluation and training for students with a variety of physical disabilities in a vehicle fitted with adaptive equipment.   Available equipment includes hand controls, left foot accelerator pedals, pedal extensions and a variety of devices to access the secondary vehicle controls.  Recommendations for personal vehicle selection, adaptive equipment prescriptions, and inspection of personal vehicle modifications are provided as indicated.
  • Alternative Transportation Planning:  Our program seeks to identify alternative transportation options in the home area of consumers who are unable to drive.
For further information regarding the Center’s Driver Rehabilitation, Evaluation, and Training Program, please contact the Occupational Therapy Department at (606)-788-6656.