Persons Served

Persons with medical conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neurological ​disorder, limited mobility and self-care, cognitive disorder, psychosocial and psychiatric impairment are served in the assisted living unit.

Service Goal

The goal of the ALU is to provide medical nursing care, coordinate and manage physical restorative, psychosocial and other services that enable the consumer to achieve optimum levels of physical, social, and psychological functioning within their living environment.

Service Features

  • Diagnosis and treatment of impairment and disability   
  • Management of medical rehabilitation program
  • Medical consultations
  • Patient education
  • Physician and nursing assessment of common conditions
  • Prescription of medication and medical equipment
  • 24-bed unit
Staff members are specialists in general and rehabilitation medicine, psychology/psychiatry, registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses.
The key advantage of the ALU is that physicians and nurses collaborate to coordinate the client's treatment regimen and to ensure that quality care results in improved function.